About Open Nettest

It is a challenge for consumers to understand and verify the level of service they purchased. Speed test apps represent an efficient way to test the internet connection.

Open Nettest is an independent and transparent tool for measurement of the Internet connection in fixed, cellular and WiFi networks. It has a strong focus on quality and reliability of the internet connection. Open Nettest measures several parameters: download and upload speed, ping (latency), jitter and packet loss.

There are already several speed test apps in the marketplace that can do this. What makes Open Nettest different is that it is based on an open, transparent methodology. The measurement servers are located outside of the operators’ networks in several Internet peering exchange point. There are no internet service providers who would sponsor the measurement ecosystem. The app follows industry standards and KPIs as defined by BEREC, ITU and others.

Another strong differentiator is the privacy. We do not collect any unnecessary personal data from the users and do not link the data collected to create user profiles. Moreover, we properly anonymise any sensitive data, such as location information and the IP address, before we use the data for statistical analysis and reports. To learn more, please visit the Privacy policy page.

This speed test app is available for the major web browsers and as a mobile app for Android and iOS devices. Similarly, hardware probes and a command-line client (CLI) are available for more advanced use cases. Thus, Open Nettest supports a wide range of end users, who can access the Internet with a variety of network devices and technologies.